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Manitowish Cranberry Co is a fourth generation, family-owned and operated cranberry farm in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. In 1946, Bartling’s Manitowish Cranberry Co was established on the shores of Little Trout Lake in Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin by Delbert and Myrtle (Indermuehle) Bartling. Today, fourth generation owners and brothers, Steven and David Bartling, are deeply committed to being stewards of the land to preserve their family legacy for future generations.

The farm consists of 180 acres of cranberry beds with an additional 200 acres of support land. During harvest, the farm harvests 500,000+ pounds per day, totaling 4 to 7 million pounds of cranberries annually - that's enough cranberries to fill 150 semi-trucks and make over 400,000 bottles of cranberry juice!

Manitowish Cranberry Co is a proud owner of Ocean Spray Cranberries, a grower-owned cooperative headquartered in Massachusetts. All of Manitowish Cranberry Co's cranberries are used by Ocean Spray for processed fruit products such as Craisins®, juice products, sauce, and other consumer products.

our mission

Manitowish Cranberry’s mission is to build a community where passion and purpose come together through our family heritage of growing cranberries.

our vision

Manitowish Cranberry Co’s vision is to cherish the longevity of our family and community through a pioneering spirit and by respecting our pristine natural resources, as the Chippewa-Ojibwe translation of "Manitowish" guides us to honor the "spirits that lodge in our waters".

Proud member of:

Little Trout Lake Water Cooperative

Manitowish Cranberry Co is part of Little Trout Lake Water Cooperative Association; a not-for-profit, water cooperative whose mission is to ensure the quality and quantity of water for the four farms that use Little Trout Lake for water. 

The Cooperative hires an environmental firm to test the water quality of Little Trout Lake and Alder Lake. There has been no change in the data since testing began in the early 1980s, proving local cranberry farms do not harm, pollute, or negatively impact our local waterways. In fact, because of the natural filtering capabilities of the cranberry beds, water returns to the lakes even cleaner than before. 

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